Marketing For Magicians – 3 Tips to Get More Magic Show Bookings

Many magicians are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring and wondering why their marketing is not working. If that is you, do not fret; there are things you can do to make your marketing better and get more magic show bookings.

First, rethink your marketing material magicien Lyon. If your material is only about how great your show is and how funny you are, your potential clients are going to tune out.

You need to discuss the benefits that your clients will get from booking your show. For example, if you are selling a program on healthy eating to a school, try something like this:

After the show, your students will be more informed about the healthy choices available to them and excited about trying some of the ideas presented in the show.

Your students will be able to concentrate and get better grades when they try some of the simple ideas presented in this interactive show.

Next, make sure you have a USP. No not UPS, the postal service, but a Unique Selling Point. This is what makes you different from other performers.

Why should a potential client hire you versus the guy down the street? If you cannot answer that question, sit down and figure it out. Make it your tag line in your marketing. For example:

Creating magical memories that last a lifetime!


Changing habits through magic

Don’t lie. Find something unique about you!

Finally, get lots of testimonials from past clients and use them. Ask your clients to give you an honest evaluation. Use both the bad and good comments.

Use the good comments for referrals. Take the bad comments and use them to help you improve your shows. Always listen to both the good and bad. The only way to improve is to be open to criticism.

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