Installing New Bathrooms

When it comes to installing new bathrooms, there are a couple of options. Home owners can decide to try and complete this mammoth project themselves, or they can go elsewhere for help. Generally, when they are looking for help, they will find a qualified or experienced bathroom fitter, that can advise them on a range of fitments and designs, to create perfect new bathrooms.

A lot of tradesmen these days will suggest that the economic climate is the cause for their recent struggle. This does create a problem, as it actually means that a lot of tradesmen that are not experienced in bathroom fitting are deciding to give it a go Bathroom fitters Beaconsfield. What this means also, is that consumer’s may be getting over charged, for an extremely poor job.

Fitting new bathroom suites is not an easy task, so it does require an experienced professional. The likes of the yellow pages is a great place to find businesses, but not always to find professionals. The reality is, a lot of places that advertise on behalf of tradesmen let anyone put their ad in, so consumers really do not know who they are employing.

It seems that times might be changing though. Recently there has been an influx in innovative websites that link tradesmen with the end consumer. They pre-screen the tradesmen for the consumer’s which means any one of the contractors online will be good for the job. Better still, most of the time consumer’s can get quotes online and then compare the cost against the quality of the company to see if they are getting a good deal.

There are a lot of benefits from having a contractor complete a bathroom installation. The first reality is that a bathroom installation specialist is likely to work at a rate somewhere between 3-5 times faster than an inexperienced DIY enthusiast. This means that small new bathrooms, might take them 3 days, but might take the consumer somewhere between 9-15 days to complete. The reality is that most consumers would be better off working overtime to pay for the installation to be completed!

The next thing is the quality of the job. New bathrooms that have not been installed correctly are always going to be less likely to last the test the time. By having the bathroom professionally fitted, the consumer is assured that it will last. Better still, a lot of contractors will actually offer a short guarantee, so they have someone to go back to if anything goes wrong.

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